Lee Driver

Full Moon Publishing / 280 pages / (January 1, 2011)


What is with all this mixing of fantasy with mystery, detective novel with supernatural characters? A chance for inventive and superior stories. And no one has found a combination more compelling than Lee Driver. She started a tantalising new series — with genuinely fresh characters and stories — with The Good Die Twice. The second volume in the chain does nothing but strengthen the pull of this unique creation.

Full Moon Bloody Moon sees the welcome return of investigator Chase Dagger, his partner Sara, and the mismatched bunch that completes the force. Once again, they are after a criminal that shouldn’t exist, but does. This time, though, the killer may be more than Dagger’s team can handle. If so, they will lose much more than their perfect record; they will lose one of their number.

Chase Dagger is an irresistible personality. His smooth, unruffled, dangerous exterior appeals to male readers who can respect a man with Chase’s untouchable image. The same attributes make for an extremely attractive and sensual fantasy man, for women and men. However the character affects readers, he earns their respect with every word and action.

The sexual tension between Chase and the fragile Sara continues at its frustrating, but wholly realistic pace. Watching these two is sheer torture, as chance after chance passes them by. Sara, a shape-shifter with an almost agoraphobic fear, is in some ways like a child. In other ways, she is ready for her reallife to begin. But, the constant dangers that surround her may end her life before it has the possibility to open up. And, this particular threat wants to know much more about Sara.

The deadly threat in this thriller is one that has had more than enough time to steel itself for an encounter with Dagger’s team. This is an evil that has had centuries to become the perfect killing machine. The most lethal shark would be no more than an appetizer to this ruthless, berserk murderer who has baffled Cedar Point law enforcement and investigators for decades on end, leaving a trail of body parts and blood spatters.

In Driver’s novels it is impossible to separate the lure of the plot and the magnetism of the characters. Every piece works together as an integral part of the breathless, heart-pounding situation. Watch the cast as carefully as you search for the villain in Full Moon Bloody Moon. The chance to catch a hell of a mystery and the growing, unfolding enigma of such characters as these is exceedingly rare. Don’t miss the opportunity.

Bear in mind that these are novels for an adult audience. There is gore and violence aplenty, which means the young adults in your house will be itching to read Full Moon Bloody Moon. There is also a clear consequence for every lethal action. Parents, use your own discretion on this, but, whatever you decide, be sure to get a copy for yourself.