Jonathan Fesmire

Bodacious Publishing / 166 pages / 2d edition (December 30, 2013)


If you were fortunate enough to find a copy of Jonathan Fesmire’s Children of Rhatlan, Seeds of Vision, or Tamshi’s Imp, then you already know how entertaining his fantasy can be. It’s okay if this book is your introduction to this author; you have some catching up to do, but this may be an excellent place to start. Especially since he is already hard at work on another book even as I type this. And, this universe he’s created in Amber in the Over World may even figure into the next volume…

Amber, if we Earthlings were to see her, would appear to be a perfectly normal human young woman. Don’t be fooled! In her home world, she is not just a dragon, but a princess. An impetuous princess who tries to stop a murderous wizard from attacking in the Over World, only to find herself in a place she never imagined existed. Now, she must protect the “Custodian” or see everything she loves destroyed. And she may be trapped in this amazing sphere forever, with no way to return to her family and home. If that seems a mighty tall order for a girl of fifteen, remember she is really a dragon of a mere fifty years.

Fesmire has created yet another complex and intriguing universe for his myriad characters to explore and do battle in. Dragons, wizards, humans, and all the other creatures are well fleshed-out and vividly drawn, enticing the reader into a story appropriate for young adults and anyone else who enjoys an adventure with a fast-moving plot and a dose of danger. Think of it as both a coming-of-age and fish-out-of-water tale. (Dragon-out-of-lava?)

One of the most fascinating aspects of Fesmire’s fiction is his flair for description. Amber’s home world is seen in lush detail, from the volcanic terrain of the dragons’ domain to the rustic villages of the humans. You can get a preview on Fesmire’s own beautifully drawn cover. (Writing talent and art talent doesn’t seem fair, does it?) Even the Between (and, no, I won’t tell you what that is) is seen as clearly as if the reader is actually there. Seen through Amber’s eye, even the tiny part of Earth that she is exposed to seems exotic and mysterious. It may cause you to look at your own environment in a new way.

For a writer of Fesmire’s inventiveness, a new universe means, well… A whole new sandbox to play in. One can’t help but wonder if somewhere in this universe we will see a reappearance of the intriguing duals of previous novels — a concept that continues to captivate readers. What other characters from Fesmire’s fiction past might appear on Amber’s planet, our own Earth, or any new planet we have yet to encounter. One can only hope that the next novel is already one its way so we can find out. I’ll be waiting, I know.