Netflix      *Mini Review*

Series Directed by Robert Cohen and Joel Hodgson

Series Created by Joel Hodgson

What a shame. The things that made the original (when Joel, Trace, and Frank were still there. Before Mary Jo Pehl and Bill Corbett drove the show into the ground) MST: 3K so amazing have vanished here. The astonishing beyond encyclopedic knowledge of the writers stretched back to a time when magazines, radio, and silent films were the entertainment of the day. From then to the present, if it is/was part of pop culture, media, or even advertising, they knew it and they used it brilliantly. Interviewers asked them all the time if they worried if people would get their jokes and Joel answered, “No, the RIGHT people will get our jokes.”
Sadly, a teenager whose favourite movie is only three years old can get all of these jokes. They don’t measure up to their material on @midnight, either, which I thought would set the bar. Nope. Too bad they were able to regain the name; this revamp doesn’t deserve it.

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