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The Darkers

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Author | Lisa Dumond

Praise For Darkers

“DuMond is wickedly, but wryly funny, yet keeps the thriller angle coming on strong. A five-star thumbs up for Darkers, a novel of special interest to those who love the conventions of private eye fiction.”
G. Miki Hayden,  Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine
Author of New Pacific

“This campy tale of mayhem, mystery, and the truly bizarre is vividly told… A great find for sci-fi and mystery lovers alike…”
Amy Poppenga, BREAK magazine and Reviewlutions.com

“Darkers is a splendid work, compelling, drawing you in; as good if not better than any work of science fiction I’ve ever read. In fact, as good as any work I’ve read in any genre.”
Charles Wilson, author of EmbryoGame PlanDeep Sleep

“Lisa DuMond’s first novel is an armchair-clenching ride. She combines many of the elements of fantasy, horror, mystery, and science fiction into a story that will make you shake your head in wonder, bring a smile to your lips, put a chuckle in your throat and bubble up a laugh from your belly. It’s hard to imagine she can do this during a story of murder, serial killing and organ farms. But she does… it only took me a few chapters to realize that the novel was an adventure, a puzzle, a snide distraction from the weather, all manner of fun which is sorely missing from many of the titles I read. Grab a copy; you won’t find the novel’s like anywhere.”
Rodger Turner for SFSITE.COM

“For the unprepared, Darkers can come as quite a jolt. Initially Phil’s wit is delivered with Sten gun effect that can leave the reader feeling quite breathless. There have been witty and sardonic space heroes before, of course, but Phil owes more to the genre of early detective fiction…. Darkers could…fall into the category of cult classic.”
Jane Palmer for SF Crowsnest