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“I feel so confident handing my work over to Lisa DuMond for copyediting. She does far more than fix the errant comma or misplaced semicolon. She takes into account the tone and context of the entire piece and alerts me when I’ve gone astray.”

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Kimberly Scott, author of PAPAYA MYTHS and the upcoming ON THE BUS: A Novel of Families Trapped by Forced Busing

“If you’re looking for a copyeditor, look no further than Lisa DuMond. She combines the fine eye of an expert proofreader with the soul of a skillful storyteller–she’ll not only clean-up your text, she’ll enhance it.”

David S Brody, author of UNLAWFUL DEEDS and BLOOD OF THE TRIBE

And watch for Ed Lazellari’s upcoming fantasy, LOST SOULS — the first volume in a trilogy.

Thank you to Kim and Ed for putting their manuscripts in my hands! Contact me about working with you on your next blockbuster.

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